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About the author

Zach Wygal is currently a special education teacher at Hillsboro Jr. High in Hillsboro, Illinois. After taking a Poverty in Education class at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville he wanted to help end lunch shaming in his own state.  He switched his masters program from Curriculum & Instruction over to Diversity & Equity in Education to further understand the issue. During this time the state of Illinois ended lunch shaming.  His capstone project, titled "Feelings and Perceptions of Students That Were Lunch Shamed", went into detail the impact lunch shaming has on students.  Students from varying states were interviewed and some of their remarks are shared on this page.  Zach received his masters from SIUE in 2019 but is continuing the fight to end lunch shaming nationwide. 

Zach is helped on this site by his college friends Chris Reynolds and Lesley Pollard. The group also collaborated on Stamp Out Cancer, Imagine Hillsboro, and Hillsboro Concert Series. 

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