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We want to hear your story!

Did lunch shaming happen to you?  We'd love to hear your story! It's these stories we feel will help to end lunch shaming for good.  We only ask that you include the state in which it happened.  This will help to give a better representation of where it is happening. We'll be featuring select responses on this page so be sure to check back often. 


Please feel free to email any questions you have as well! 

"Being denied lunch definitely affected my academics at school because obviously you're hungry, you can't focus as well"

"I just remember that being very humiliating because you think that you're sitting being accepted by people . . . .they wanted to call you out for being poor, wanted to make fun of you"

"I think the most harmful part of lunch shaming is being told when you're in line, trying to get lunch, that you can't have lunch and having the rest of your peers hear that and be aware that you don't have money, and you don't have food.  I think that's the most harmful part about it"

"I lived in Louisiana as a kid and you had to go through a line to get in the lunchroom.  One day I didn't have any money and they jerked my food away and yelled at me in front of classmates. Then they sat you down at a special table with all the other kids who couldn't buy food that day and everyone pointed and laughed from the other tables." 

"I had forgetful parents, other kids were either in the same situation or parents couldn't pay right away.  Regardless, if you had no money you were given a special meal and made to eat alone.  It was like a weird hard cheese flavored log that they'd pull out of the back for the special occasion of kids that couldn't pay. So weird cheese log, water, and being separated out to sit elsewhere and make it extra obvious."

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